What is a rEBΞL?

R.E.B.E.L. is an acronym for “Revolutionary Entrepreneur Business and Entertainment Leaders.” Revolutionary is defined as marking change, radically new or innovative; outside of established procedure. Being a R.E.B.E.L. is socially cool. It is a movement. An Entrepreneur is defined as a person who organizes any enterprise, especially a business with considerable initiative and risk. Traditionally, a rebel is defined as a person who resists any control, authority or tradition. In today’s modern society, R.E.B.E.L.’s are those who are rewriting the rules. They are game changers. They are the people who shape today’s culture and set the trends for generations to come.

Our Mission.

We live in a society of constant change, evolution, and advancement. We are rewriting the rules of what was once the traditional way of life. We live in a society of mobility where technology enhances the way we work, live, play, eat, socialize, interact, shop, earn a living, entertain ourselves, etc. We live in a society that is forward thinking, ever evolving, problem solving; a more conscious society. Within this new society, there are individuals who are revolutionizing the entrepreneurial blueprint. They have created their own lanes; bypassing the 9-to-5 workplace. They have resisted falling into a corporate trap, pursued their dreams, and redefined the working culture. My mission is to expose who those “Revolutionary Entrepreneurial Business and Entertainment Leaders” are in the industries of music, fashion, media, entertainment, sports, technology, and visual arts. I wish to spark inspiration into people who have the same dreams. I hope by providing the platform and exposure, more R.E.B.E.L.’s will emerge. Within this network of like-minded innovators, I aim to provide a support system of potential consumers and clients for those who are seeking to start and develop businesses that will help themselves and further help their communities thrive.  



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